Copyright © 2010 Guess Outdoors. All Rights Reserved. I was born, raised and reside in North Texas. Even though no one in my immediate family hunted, I had a strong desire to hunt from a young age. I have always felt like "I was born to be a hunter". At the age of 13, my family and I moved to the country where the whole outdoors opened up to me. I soon became a "hound man", hunting rabbits and raccoons whenever the opportunity presented itself. Things would change at age 15 when I was introduced to predator calling by an older gentleman. This interest led to other hunting opportunities such as deer, turkey and hogs. Now I hunt everything Texas has to offer and more, learning to "call em in" instead of chasing them down. I have constantly looked for new ways to hunt and call many species of animals including hogs. Hog hunting came to me, I didn't look for it. I started seeing hog sign while coon hunting, but I didn't really pay much attention till I saw a field that had been plowed. It was obvious it hadn't been done by a tractor. A couple of years later while still hunting & stalking whitetails I stumbled onto some big hogs, I was so shocked at the sight of such beasts I didn't know what to do. A few weeks later while still hunting I spotted a group of hogs and was able to shoot a small hog. I was immediately hooked, beginning my obsession. I have now taken hundreds of hogs by many different methods including callin' em in, night hunting, spot and stalk, flush and shoot, ambush, feeders, dogs, night vision and even traps. I spend over 200 days a year in pursuit of one type of game or another. Specializing in hogs and predators; I strive to learn as much as possible about the nature of the animals, the sign they leave behind and what it means in an attempt to help myself and others become more successful hunters.   I feel blessed to be able to do so with my wife Michelle and our five children. Glenn has appeared in predator hunting DVD's, on the Outdoor Channel, Sportsman's Channel, outdoor magazines, online podcasts and news papers . He has written many articles involving hog hunting and predator hunting. He continues his obsession learning as he goes and sharing that knowledge at every opportunity with others. "God created it and made it all come together. I was blessed to be there when it did."